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Power Swivel

Definition – What does Power Swivel mean?

A strength swivel is a type of drilling device that is used on an offshore or onshore rig. additionally referred to as a pinnacle pressure, this mechanical gadget is mounted on a drilling rig. Its miles used to serve distinctive functions, however, it is specifically effective within the facilitation of the drilling procedure. a strength swivel may be run hydraulically or electrically. this device generally acts as a channel for the drilling mud; it additionally helps in the rotation of the drill string and different similar drilling processes. the thrilling gadget is used alternatively for a rotary desk.

Petropedia explains Power Swivel

The drilling rig commonly has distinct mechanical devices installed over it that assist inside the drilling manner. there are forms of swivels used – an ordinary swivel and an energy swivel which is also known as a pinnacle power. the energy swivel is an automated drilling gadget that can be powered energy and hydraulically as nicely. ideally used to update a rotary desk, it offers a clockwise rotation to the drill string device. this mechanism as a result allows within the borehole drilling technique. aside from his, the power swivel is used as a conduit for the drilling fluid; it additionally assists within the reducing down or pulling up of the drill string.

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